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We want to see eyes sparkle!

An essential reason for customer satisfaction at PIA ANTONIA is the wide range of purchasing benefits at the boutique. Managing director Mira Dworschak adds: “Aside from unique fashion and qualified consultation, our services include outstanding benefits.”

Wishes granted, information provided

PIA ANTONIA Boutique Chain offers their customers a variety of services:

  • Tailoring – alterations for all garments
  • Acquisition of desired apparel either from the boutique chain or directly from the supplier - in short order.
  • Selected shipments of garments for our top clients
  • Individualized shopping appointments
  • Birthday present for regular customers - 3% regular discount for “Club PIA ANTONIA” members
  • Newsletter with information on new collections and sales promotions

Atmosphere is also service:

It's a pleasure soming back!

Since their founding, PIA ANTONIA boutiques have developed a special atmosphere: The customer rummages through the new fashion incentives, discusses a variety of topics, meets interesting women, enjoys an espresso and forgets the everyday commotion for a while. It’s just so nice to come back. It’s no different for the fashion consultants. They enjoy greeting the customers by saying: “It’s nice to see you again!”

Espresso is also served for PIA ANTONIA customers

Alteration services for plus size

  • Prompt alteration tailoring
  • Fast acquisition of garments
  • Individual appointment scheduling
  • Club membership advantages
  • Special boutique atmosphere

Newsletter: continual information for regular customers