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„Personal Fashion consulting in a Boutique Atmosphere”

Consulting instead of mail-order

Beautiful new world: You click through the internet for hours and finally find clothes that you like. You place an order (because it’s so easy). The order arrives – and it either doesn’t fit, or the color doesn’t suit you. Ooops! – send it back and order something else. After doing this a few times you’re finally satisfied. .

The old world is much nicer: You visit one of the seven PIA ANTONIA boutiques. In the laid back shop atmosphere you try on a few different models. You feel the quality of the material and are sold on the exact fit and original color. A fashion consultant with lots of experience offers you some valuable tips and helps you decide. You stand in front of the mirror and you’re satisfied, then finally take your desired fashion article home. PIA ANTONIA is pleased to have helped you decide. Six times in Austria