Small details, great effect

Even ideas that one day become great often start out small.

“If I went into a “normal” boutique 20 years ago with my size 42, I would often be given a mocking look and directed to the “leftover rack.”

“The constant annoyance with this demeaning behavior finally became so intolerable that in 1995, I decided to open my own boutique for plus sizes” explains Mira Dworschak, the founder and managing director of PIA ANTONIA Boutiques.



Redefining large sizes:

Goodbye to wallflower corner

Mira Dworschak was earlier employed as a film cutter, working with documentaries, TV series as well as feature films. She grew up in close contact with the fashion industry. Her father worked as a tailor and she even graduated from a textile school. “I’d like to redefine the term plus sizes,” she resolved in the summer of 1995. This ambitious plan was: “trendy fashion of the highest international quality for discerning customers.”

In short: Coming out of the wallflower corner.



Daughter’s name used for company

Two months after opening the boutique in Salzburg, September 2nd, 1995 another fashion producer in Salzburg sent their lawyers demanding that the existing boutique change its name, or else they would press charges.

After a brief informal discussion we found the solution: Daughter Pia Antonia, who was just five years old at the time became the namesake.

Two decades later it was apparent that this decision not only brought luck, but also success.



Success through asthetics, proper fit and consultation

Already the first financial year in Salzburg proved to be a great success. It became apparent for enthusiastic customers and international fashion supplier: PIA ANTONIA offers exactly what sophisticated women with a curvier figure want – individual fashion aestetics, proper fit and full consultation. What could be more fitting than to open more outlets?



Family business

In order to boost expansion, PIA ANTONIA has remained a true family business. Besides mother Mira being the founder and daughter Pia Antonia the namesake, father Dietmar Dworschak also joined the project “building up a boutique group” in 1996. While the founder concentrated on Salzburg, her husband started bringing in new cities. The professional journalist and advertising agent took over marketing and communications, while Mira Dworschak focused on the most important functions of PIA ANTONIA: acquisition of challenging fashion from suppliers at trade shows throughout Europe and the USA.


  • Founding concept: Sophisticated women with curvier figure
  • Redefining plus sizes
  • Trendy fashion with international brands
  • Daughter Pia Antonia as the namesake
  • Aesthetics, proper fit and consultation
  • PIA ANTONIA: Six times in Austria
  • PUUR: PIA ANTONIA’s little sister

Mira Dworschak

Dietmar Dworschak

Pia Antonia Dworschak

Growth in proprotion

Additional PIA ANTONIA boutiques were opened after carefully testing the locations. The motto is not “a new branch every year,” but rather in which city are demanding customers waiting for us?


Here is the chronology of foundations:

  • 1995 Salzburg 1  (Schallmooser Hauptstraße 14)
  • 1996 Linz              Schillerstraße 5
  • 2001 Vienna            Tuchlauben 13
  • 2002 Innsbruck    Anichstraße 1
  • 2003 Salzburg 2   Herbert von Karajan Platz 5
  • 2003 Klagenfurt   Burggasse 2
  • 2012 Salzburg 1   Relocating to current location: Wolf Dietrich Straße 8
  • 2017 Salzburg 2   Relocating to current location: Griesgasse 2a
  • 2019 Salzburg 1   Relocating to current location: Linzergasse 38

In 2009 Mira Dworschak founded “PIA ANTONIA’s Little Sister”: in Salzburg

PUUR – The Essence of Fashion –

Since this boutique is young and featuring fresh fashion ranging between sizes 38 to 48, customers of PIA ANTONIA also like to stop by.



In September 2019, Mira Dworschak opened PIA’s PRALINEN on 24 Linzergasse in Salzburg: A world of pleasure for all those who love excellent chocolate and everything that goes with it.