Frequently asked questions

Question: What criteria do you use in ordering plus sizes?

PIA ANTONIA: We expect the following features in fashion from our suppliers: “Trendy and extraordinary”, “high quality materials,” “best workmanship and fitting.”


Question: Who arranges the purchase of collections?

PIA ANTONIA: This is exclusively done by the boss. Mira Dworschak, founder and managing director of PIA ANTONIA Boutiques personally attends trade shows in Germany, France, Italy and England. For pre-orders in Germany, she is accompanied by the branch manager in Linz, Inge Kasbauer. In the international search for interesting new suppliers, Mira Dworschak travels with her husband who also heads advertising and communications for the boutique chain.


Question: Do all the PIA ANTONIA boutiques offer the same collection series?

PIA ANTONIA: A special strong point for our boutiques is attending to the specific needs and customer wishes in each respective city. Therefore it’s entirely possible that one brand is missing at a particular location, while being well supplied at another branch. The managing director therefore makes a team decision with the branch manager at the beginning of every seasonal purchase. The independence of each branch includes having a say in the purchasing budget. This is where purchasing priorities are set for each branch which corresponds to its customer needs.


Question: How long has your boutique been in business? Was the focus always on plus sizes?

PIA ANTONIA: The first boutique with this name was founded 1995 in Salzburg.

The idea of establishing a special boutique for plus sizes came from personal experiences of the founder. Mira Dworschak, whose own size is 42, and also being annoyed by the arrogant reception felt from the saleswomen in expensive boutiques with “normal sizes.” Rather than receiving serious consultation, she and other curvier women were sent to a corner and shown the “leftover rack.”

Mira Dworschak was fed up with this treatment and decided not to tolerate it anymore. Therefore, she founded “her own” boutique in 1995 with the very collection that were previously unavailable to her.

In the meanwhile PIA ANTONIA in six cities operates with a total of seven boutiques.


Question: What kind of business do you have? Do you belong to a chain?

PIA ANTONIA: Ever since the founding 1995 in Salzburg we’ve been an independent family operation. All six boutiques are operated by Mira Dworschak (founder and responsible for all collection purchasing) and Dietmar Dworschak (marketing, advertising and branch organization).


Question: Do you have an internet shop?

PIA ANTONIA: We intentionally decided against running an internet shop. We feel that fashion shopping especially with plus sizes should remain a personal experience. This includes strolling through the city, the boutique atmosphere and specialized consultation by a competent saleswoman.

Fashion shopping needs to remain a sensual experience: selecting from the assorted varieties in a friendly boutique, feeling the textiles, trying on outfits in front of a mirror to get the perfect fit and seeing the garment’s true colors by daylight.

That is exactly what we offer. In Vienna, in Salzburg, in Linz, in Innsbruck, in Klagenfurt and in Munich.


Question: Is there a catalog for your collections?

PIA ANTONIA: We display trends and important models from our Collections on our website This way our customers have the opportunity anytime to inform themselves about the colors and cuts currently available, as well as seeing the various fits for the respective season.


Question: Where is PIA ANTONIA located?

PIA ANTONIA: Our boutiques are in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg (2x), Innsbruck and Klagenfurt. Addresses and photos of each location are in the website.


Question: Which sizes are available?

PIA ANTONIA: The logo of PIA ANTONIA is “Designer Fashions from Size 42.” We have taken over this introductory size from the majority of our suppliers. These fashion offers usually start at size 42. Our average size is 44 to 46, however we offer collections with sizes up to 52. If you are not able to find the right size at PIA ANTONIA, then we’ll be happy to locate the desired garment item.


Question: Do you supply sizes under 42?

PIA ANTONIA: Not usually. However among the roughly 20 odd international brands we handle there are perhaps one or two that could supply an odd size, such as 40 for example..

If needed, feel free to ask an employee at one of our boutiques!

At this point, we’d like to take the opportunity to refer you to our “sister boutique in Salzburg, PUUR (, which offers a range of sizes between 38 and 46.


Question: Which brands do you sell?

PIA ANTONIA: We take pride in representing only the absolute top brands for plus sizes.

Besides Italian “classics” such as Marina Rinaldi or Elena Miro we proudly present collections from the New York designer Eileen Fisher – exclusively for continental Europa! We supply famous German brands like Annette Goertz, Sallie Sahne or Oska along with the original Holland label Yoek or the renowned Croatian designer Igor Dobranic. Here is a complete overview of the brands in our boutiques.


Question: Where are your collections manufactured?

PIA ANTONIA: They are made innumerous places. We pay close attention to our purchases as to where the manufacturing takes place. If we ever have any doubts about the countries listed, then we will make inquiries. Eileen Fisher for example documents the exact conditions (environmental, working conditions, pay etc.) of their textiles which are manufactured in Asia.


Here’s a brief overview:

- Hopsack Germany

- Glasmacher Germany

- Vetono Germany

- Luana Germany

- Monies (jewelry) Denmark

- Marina Rinaldi Italy

- Elena Miro Italy, Macedonia, Moldavia, Morocco

- Igor Dobranic Croatia

- Oska Czech Republic, Slovakia

- Eileen Fisher USA, China, Italy

- NYDJ USA, Puerto Rico, China

- Yoek Turkey

- Jianhui (jewelry) Hong Kong


Question: What services do you offer?

PIA ANTONIA: Since customer satisfaction is the main priority here, we do our best to offer special services in a variety of different areas. This begins with optimal fitting: Naturally we buy exclusively from suppliers that specialize in plus sizes, however now and then there is a garment that needs to be altered. A well trained employee marks the particular item with a needle and makes arrangements for prompt alterations with a master tailor.

Topic desired garment: If a desired item in the respective boutique is not in stock, then we make an effort to obtain it on short notice from another branch or order it directly from the supplier. For premium customers we also gladly send shipments. For special regular customers we also arrange shopping appointments with the saleswoman of their choice.

Topic gifts: “Every year” regular customers receive a birthday present from PIA ANTONIA. Members of “Club PIA ANTONIA” also enjoy a permanent 3% discount with every purchase.

Topic information: We offer all customers a subscription to our newsletter.

Once or twice a month they receive the latest information on newly acquired collections or current sales.


Question: Do you sell “just” garments?

PIA ANTONIA: Of course not. Our ambitions are always about finding our customers sharp Accessories that will make the outfits more interesting and livelier. That begins with handkerchiefs with lively colors and scarves that complement the silhouette and refine the entire ensemble. A particular handbag will sharpen up the appearance every bit as much as a color coordinated shoe. In the way of fashion jewelry we always find new surprising ideas – from Ethno to Bling Bling. You can also find valuable jewelry at PIA ANTONIA under the Danish brand MONIES – Best customer approval.


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