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What our customers like:


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“I’ve been a regular customer of your boutique in Innsbruck for several years Today I’d like to express my compliments! I visited the shop in Innsbruck. As has always been the case over the past years, I was professionally assisted with competence – This time from Mrs. SILVIA FEUCHTER!

And this is the reason why I’m expressing my extreme gratitude! FRAU FEUCHTER was able to create a remarkably PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE with her own CASUAL manners and remarkable sense of BALANCE! It’s a REAL PLEASURE for me every time I go shopping at YOUR boutique and am assisted by “YOUR” professionally trained staff!

Karin M., Innsbruck (11.06.2015)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“Even customers from other countries like to regularly visit your boutique. That’s why I use every vacation in Engadin to make a day trip to Innsbruck.

This time I not only found the individual pieces I’d wanted. I also found the diamond ring I accidentally left behind in the changing room. I had the ring specially made to commemorate the opening of my practice. Not even 30 minutes later I got the telephone call, and I hadn’t even discovered the loss yet.

For me, that is above and beyond what customer service is all about, and I’m just eternally grateful to have my ring back! Thank you so much, Innsbruck! You are really the best!!”

Brigitte S., Romanshorn / Switz. (24.03.2015)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“Today I received the jacket that I ordered from you on the telephone, and would like to thank you so much for the little present you gave me, as well as fulfilling the order, even though it’s not normally accepted practice to take orders over the phone.

The jacket fits like a glove, and I’m just thrilled to have gotten your assistance. I always buy tastefully selected outfits from you and really look forward to my next trip to Innsbruck, where I always find something I like.

Once again, many, many thanks!

Greetings from the countryside!!”

Cornelia A., Dalaas (20.11.2014)



“It’s a shame that you don’t have a boutique in Luxemburg. In this wealthy country there are many curvier women and only two brands with sizes over 42: Marina Rinaldi and Ulla Popken. That’s not nearly enough!”

C. Mangen, Luxemburg (05.06.2013)



I went to Vienna from Germany last October on business, and as always went shopping at your boutique. Ms. Gerry Kichler-Winkens assisted me. It was lots of fun and I was given some excellent advice. Among other things I purchased a black coat from the label A-Z. This coat has no buttons for closing, but instead a large light grey safety pin. Unfortunately I lost this, and want to know if it were possible to get another one from you. I haven’t been able to find this label in Germany, and also don’t know where the headquarters of this company is to write to them.

It would be super if you could either offer a tip or help me somehow.


Dear Ms. Kichler-Winkens, thank you so much for sending me the replacement pin! It matches the coat well and serves the purpose. It really made me very happy. Next year when I come back to Vienna I look forward to stopping by again. Greetings from Germany!!”

Annette V., Gau-Odernheim/Deutschland (25.11.2013)



“It’s a shame that you don’t have a boutique in Luxemburg. In this wealthy country there are many curvier women and only two brands with sized over 42: Marina Rinaldi und Ulla Popken. That’s not nearly enough!!!”

C. Mangen, Luxemburg (05.06.2013)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“I’m totally thrilled with your shop in Innsbruck! And that’s not just because you find really fantastic items that make woman look attractive in plus sizes. This year among other things, I already bought six dresses and am so happy to have found compatible models after decades in which I had to pass up buying dresses.

With Ms. Birgit you’ve got yourself one of the finest sales representatives that you could imagine. And apparently it seems that all the customers have fun shopping there, because usually a sale “ends”like a fashion show in which all the other customers eagerly engage in offering advice. The same happened with me. Birgit is unbelievably motivated, drawing in other people while at the same time giving wonderful advice so that the purchase becomes a virtual purchasing event.”

Annette S., Innsbruck (23.10.2012)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“My mother and I were thrilled by the wonderful offer at PIA ANTONIA and from the excellent consultation there. Thank you very much! We had lots of fun and I now have a few really extravagant and perfect fitting outfits. I’ll be back, no doubt!”

Maria L., Innsbruck (19.07.2012)



“I discovered PIA ANTONIA while visiting Salzburg in July and am just thrilled after buying a few accessories. The sales woman (Jasmina) was very nice and really friendly, and we had a great time. Next time I visit Salzburg I’ll be coming back again. Greetings from Bremerhaven!”

Katrin D., Bremerhaven (23.08.2011)



“I’d like to thank your employee Ms. Gerry Kichler for the wonderful service and assistance. It’s truly a pleasure shopping there, and the selections are a bit hit to say the least – Finally us women with a fuller figure can also be stylish...”

Vera P., Vorau (19.11.2010)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“Congratulations and thank you for having the courage to decide on bringing in smart and attractive fashion for women with a curvier figure, and presenting powerful fashion by a competent and friendly team. Keep up the good work."

Petra S., Innsbruck (14.10.2010)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“Dear PIA ANTONIA! I found the last flyer on the 15th anniversary of PIA ANTONIA really successful. The personal family history helped build a relationship to your business. You know “where your money” is being spent. It’s nice to know that your fashion actually exists. There are often really special items. Kudos as well, to the two dedicated and patient fashion consultants in Innsbruck. That really needs to be mentioned. Good luck, and keep it going!”

Diana S., Innsbruck (10.10.2010)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“Super sales women!”

Christa P., Innsbruck (6.10.2010)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck

“My special wish is your fashion! Your sales women have always given me the best assistance, and their recommendations were just right. I’ll remain faithful to you!”

Lydia W., Innsbruck (23.9.2010)


To PIA ANTONIA Salzburg:

“I’d like to regularly receive a brochure with your spring & autumn specials, and also a list of the various sales. Last summer I had just a short time to get two linen dresses that proved to be wonderful light summer wear in happy times.”

Dr. Sabine G., Salzburg (29.03.10)


To PIA ANTONIA Salzburg:

Pia Antonia is fabulous!! I now love coming back to Salzburg.

I’ll stop by to see you again in the beginning of April.

Best wishes from Munich and a special hello to Ms. Russinger!”

Hildegard P., Neufarn/D (15.03.10)



“I’d like to congratulate you for adding the name ANNA SCHOLZ to your repertoire. For years I had no choice but to buy from ANNA SCHOLZ in London. This year I finally discovered it at your boutique in Vienna and am so grateful to be able to buy here directly. ANNA SCHOLZ is a label that manufactures very feminine, but not too classic fashion. It’s so nice to have something other than the usual “big names” to choose from. Many thanks, and keep it going! Sincerely,”

Johanna R., Wien (29.06.09)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck:

“We experienced a delightful hour and successful purchase in this classy fashion shop. The two women are the heart of the boutique, and the young lady who is training will one day become a successful manager. Inge and Antonio from Trient will keep coming back, not just to shop, but also to see how the famous team are doing”



To PIA ANTONIA Salzburg:

“Oh please! Please won’t you come to Switzerland! Luzern, Zürich? Those of us who are (no longer) very slim, and maybe not so young any more are nevertheless still very fashion conscious. We elegant Swiss ladies really need you!”

Verena G., Bürgenstock/Switz. (18.8.08)



“Dear PIA ANTONIA Linz: I find this branch as well as the employees simply THE BEST! As far as the assortments, I’d love it if you had more sporty clothes (jeans, Polos, outdoor jackets etc.)!”

Michi F., Linz (28.10.08)



“I’m thankful that your boutique exists. Finally I have found some trendy fashion even for my size(46). For me that was a really new experience! I especially like Wille and Sulu, but also Marina Rinaldi. The shop atmosphere is exactly the way I like it.

It’s not hectic and there’s no pressure to make a purchase. These days that’s a noble exception! I’ll gladly be back again.”

Mag. Helga D., Baden (14.3.08)



“Everything is just right: Specials, prices & consultation. I work in sales myself and appreciate what it means to have good sales women. Your women in Linz do such a good job that I’ll be coming back regularly.”

Elke Sch., Linz (6.3.08)



“When I discovered PIA ANTONIA 4 years ago, I was really very happy! Finally there is a store with really chic fashion for my size (+/- 50), at my age (57) and my style (rather sporty, chic, simple, no gimmicks) and finally nice, friendly and reliable consultation from the ladies! It’s great that you are there.”

Rosemarie N., Linz (5.9.08)


To PIA ANTONIA Innsbruck:

“Extremely friendly, dedicated and reliable assistance!”

Maria Luise G., Innsbruck (4.10.08)



“I’ve been a customer since the branch in Linz opened there, and would like to say thanks for the great service provided by your two ladies working there. As far as the assortment, I’d prefer more sporty styles (particularly jeans, Polos etc.).”

Inge H., Linz (27.10.08)



“Very good service and outstanding consultation!”

Ingeborg K., Linz (7.11.08)