MORE consultation

Because style doesn’t come off the shelf

Apparels are not just clothes. Women with plus sizes have many different wishes and needs. A smaller woman with narrow shoulders and slightly wide hips requires a different apparel solution than a tall and slender customer with a large a bust measurement. This is where consultation comes into play. Good style above size 42 doesn’t just come “off the rack.”

Large sizes: Consultation brings satisfaction

What do fashion consultants at PIA ANTONIA know more about than at other boutiques?

They understand the many problems facing the “woman with a fuller figure.”

They offer the customer

  • Expert advice, which brands suit her
  • Honest consultation, whether she should be more, or less bold
  • Clever selection of proper fabric for individual optimum fit
  • Recommendation on how to spruce up an outfit with accessories
  • Helping decide on a purchase

They advise the customer in seeking favorable apparel solutions while reducing insecurities.

  • Consultation: recognizing problem areas
  • Plus sizes: Top name brands plus consulting
  • Selected materials, ideal fitting
  • Consulting helps reduce insecurities
  • Establishing personal relations with customers

Living with the brand

It’s no exaggeration to say that the fashion consultants at PIA ANTONIA “live with the brand.” Most of them have been employed with the company for 10 or 20 years.

During this time they have established excellent relationships with numerous customers, and have become motivated with every purchase to bring about surprising results with personalized recommendations every time the customer shops with us. Over 4.000 regular customers rely on this consultation with heart and soul.

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