MORE than fashion

Accessories. Enhance you look!

Coco Chanel once said, “A man can wear what he wants – he is only just an accessory of the woman.”

For women looking for additional accessories, PIA ANTONIA is just the right place!

“Both the most noble and modest look is enhanced with just the right touch” confides Erika M., who enjoys inspiring her customers at PIA ANTONIA in Salzburg in selecting a classy scarf, color coordinated fashion jewelry or even a handbag.


Long live that smart detail!

There is good reason for the saying “love for detail.” The purchasing agents for PIA ANTONIA visit numerous trade fairs every year throughout Europe with attentiveness and enthusiasm to discover exciting new accessories.


What is important to us?

  • Kerchiefs for all seasons - according to color and materials
  • Scarves!!!: from short neck scarves to full shoulder wrapping shawls
  • Handbags: fantastic colors, exceptional designs
  • Shoes: Elegant and sporty to complement a particular look
  • Costume jewelry: Ethnic, rubber or Bling Bling. It must be attractive.
  • Jewelry: Unusual for demanding customers.


Not essential, but a nice plus

We remember prominent icons of the fashion industry for their accessories. Who would Audrey Hepburn be without her sunglasses, Sarah Jessica Parker without her high heels or Coco Chanel without her hats? Accessories are not a must, but a really nice plus. With the sense and imagination for a unique detail, a woman highlights her refined sense of style.

Audrey Hepburn:

"I prefer sunglasses"

  • Accessories reflect a sense of style
  • Scarves in lively colors
  • Scarves accentuate flowy curves
  • Costume jewelry as a smart detail
  • Handbags are more than containers

Sarah Jessica Parker:

"Never without high heels"