Marina Rinaldi
Marina Rinaldi

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Sensing trends: We set trends!

The first PIA ANTONIA boutique was founded in 1995: Other than “Marina Rinaldi” there were no famous suppliers featuring women’s fashion in plus sizes. Prior to 1993, the only notable German enterprises carrying plus sizes were manufacturers of maternity apparel. In 1995 a woman with sizes 40, 42 or larger was a “marginal figure” among traditional fashion retailers. She got “the leftovers.”


Major shift to plus sizes

PIA ANTONIA celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2005 by putting on an elaborate presentation. The demand for plus sizes had exceeded their expectations. Particularly German companies are now leading the market with original creations and fashion boldness. Plus sizes have transformed from wallflower status to an independent, thrilling fashion scene.

Inspiring the customer's confidence

Women “with a curvier figure” were reluctant at first, but afterwards they realized that they finally had “their own personal style” that is fashionable, attractive and far more comfortable. PIA ANTONIA founder Mira Dworschak reflects: “Earlier when we found a terrific new brand for our client it was cause for celebration. After 10 years, the original options of four or five name brands expanded to 20 suppliers.”


When selecting new products, PIA ANTONIA asks the following questions:

- What is this company’s international standing?

- How familiar is this company with the question of plus sizes?

- How interesting/exciting/trendy are the assortments?

- How is the quality of materials, processing and fitting?

- Where does the company manufacture its products?


Sensing Trens, we set trens

20 years after its founding, PIA ANTONIA Boutique chain is Austria’s leading provider of exclusive women’s fashion size 42 and above. The shops in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck und Klagenfurt offer internationally renowned brands for plus sizes: These include Marina Rinaldi, Eileen Fisher, Elena Miro, Sallie Sahne, Persona, Hopsack, Oska, Igor Dobranic, NYDJ, Vetono and many more!

PIA ANTONIA managing director Mira Dworschak describes the triangle relationship between customer, boutique and the textile company: “At first we were regularly passing on our customer’s needs directly to the suppliers, but now we no longer chase after trends, but set them ourselves.”