Fashion autumm for big sizes

The das are getting longer and the fashion colors go from briht to pastel. A cozy autumm fashion is approaching. For the current collections at PIA ANTONIA click here.

six times PIA ANTONIA

PIA ANTONIA offers six times relaxed boutique atmosphere with expert advice. On these islands of stress-free selection, trying on and shopping, the motto is: "Beautiful from size 42". The wellbeing in the shop will carry you into the wellbeing in life. PIA ANTONIA is "Strong fashion for stronger women".

Beautiful at size 42:

20 premium brands at PIA ANTONIA

Only PIA ANTONIA can do that: 20 international premium brands from size 42 under one roof! With expert advice, we help our customers to recognize the special features of each of these brands and to use them for themselves. Experience how exciting design refines the best fits. You can find our premium brands here

Consulation at PIA ANTONIA:

Your satisfaction is our success.
"We only give up when you are satisfied" is the motto of the fashion consultants at PIA ANTONIA. We take the time to help the customers make the right choice. We help them to find the preferred material quality, favorable color and the desired fit. What our fashion consultants better able to read here

PIA ANTONIA-service:

So we meet customers wishes

Demanding customers expect from a boutique deal more than standard care. Rapid change of garments, timely errand desired item or information on current actions are only offers some benefits that PIA ANTONIA. You can find details about our service program here



Get news, enjoy benefits

We invite you to the CLUB PIA ANTONIA. Benefit from its advantages from the very first purchase. You will be regularly informed about news and promotions. Enjoy exciting offers before anyone else. For CLUB PIA ANTONIA issue here


PIA ANTONIA spices up!

"Strong fashion for stronger women". We are not only proud of 20 premium brands with distinctive design signature, but also to small, beautiful things that fit our style. We are always looking for exquisite accessories that give the new outfit a special twist. You can see selected pieces here


Why a former film editor to open a boutique for larger sizes decides in 1995? How did the start-up business in Salzburg become a group with several locations? From whom the name comes for the successful boutiques? You can find out all this and much more here

The most frequently asked questions ...

... you can read here. For example, where the fashion is made that we offer in our boutiques. Or: Why does PIA ANTONIA consistently personalized service in boutique atmosphere and to the prevention of environmentally harmful parcel delivery? You can find a lot of interesting topics here